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As a photographer its always fun when halloween comes around as i tend to go the most creative in my shoots.  Its something in the air that i feel the most motivated at this time of year.  Of course it could be too from the laziness the summer brings that all my creativity just builds up over those months.  In any case i have uploaded my latest shoot with Mather Louth entitled the Voodoo Shuffle let me know what you guys think..

Well my new 5d should be here this month!! Ive finally got releases on some of my older shoots so i can post them and have many other updates on the way.

Test journal

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 16, 2006, 11:36 AM
Just adding a css journal template from :iconmynti:

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Best way to come back from vacation

Tue Sep 5, 2006, 4:05 PM
YAA my first Daily Deviation!!!

I cant believe it.  I am so happy I finally got a  Daily Deviation for Ms E Wilcott final moments 2 by jetgrind

and hit 1,000 page views woohoo.  Thank you all of you for making that possible I cant wait to show you all more. :D :D  

Shout out to :iconsplatou: for making it possible :D  :D

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A Sunday shoot

Mon Aug 21, 2006, 8:38 PM
one crazy sunday

Talk about what felt like a long day!  On sunday I had the chance to  shoot an awesome up and coming rock band.  The group of guys were awesome to work with and very cool cats.  They were shooting a music video for one of their songs at the same time of my doing the shoot so there was plenty of equipment lying around just waiting to be tripped over and crew just watching me do my thing!  By the end I was sweating bullets from all the damn lights the video crew had up never the less I think i got some great shots out it as you can see I have posted 12 selects from it to eventually be incorporated into the album art as they are about to be signed!!  Please take a look and let me know what you think!!


I need talented and very creative make-up artists

I am looking for any mua who has experience in creating and helping me design prostetics with a alien and/or androgenous feel to it.  If you just do cuts and bruises this is not for you.  Having a sculpting sense is definately what i need.  This will be for a scifi high fashionesque shoot.  I am definately preferably look for those wanted to boost up their portfolio and are fresh out of school.  If you are also a fashion designer and have a interesting take i would love to see your work as well as I am in need of a somewhat full design team to help me setup and shoot a full set.  Shoot me a msg if your interested and I can fill you in on more details.



Devious Journal Entry

Mon Jun 5, 2006, 3:36 PM

YAAA so I just picked up a new camera the Canon 5D woot.  I will be converting my old one into a IR only spec as I want to experiment around with it.  I also picked up  a new 100mm macro and have been prevising some of my bigger shoots..  YA im so excited nothing like going to Samy's to make a photographer go nuts I can only imagine what would happen if I ever went to BH photo lol anyways hope everyone will enjoy whats to come.


Fri Apr 28, 2006, 3:23 PM
The following months will be amazing...

So finally my new job is settling down and I am getting my weekends back thank god.  Don't know how much longer my girlfriend wouldve put up with it.  In this sorta creative haitis I have been reading as much as I can as well as drawing again and watching some good inspirational movies and tv.  I have come to the realization that Carnivale is one of my all time favorite shows hands down.  The first season I had on dvd but by no means was it even close to how amazing the second season is.  I am so bummed they cancelled that show.  In anycase because of that show and a few other "field trips" I have taken I have finally lined up some very exciting and new shoots.  Keep your eyes open from some awesome stuff ahead nothing like I have done before.  I am finally starting to feel out my style which is one of the hardest things I think to do especially when your someone like me and you kinda just want to do it all.  In any case that brings me to my next big question for whoever reads this.  My shoots coming up will require some preparation.  I really need to find MUA's that are capable of doing great prostectics (wounds and zombie death effects wont cut it here)  Very creative ideas are welcome.  Especially if you are looking to have someone to showcase your work and would love to collaborate I am totally down.  I also need a sculpter of sorts and someone who is decent at set design.  I am also looking for a nice little studio space too I know you Scott have that great place you always shoot at and Its on the list, but i do need an open place that i can build a set for a weekend.  This summer is going to be awesome!!



Hey guys so i finally broke down and bought an account.  Lets see how much I like it I also ended buying a print account as an experiment to see which ones people like.  Id love any input from you guys as what i should do for uniformity or what kinda stuff sells better. Anything
Jeez took me long enough but i finally got myself organized and got to finish up old shoots I have been dying to finish for a while now.  Posted 2 of them hope you guys like!!
Hey guys finally uploaded some of my photos to this site.  Please leave any comments you can and feel free to look around  :plotting: